Bridging a Sustainable Future:
Unearthing Critical Metals for a Greener Future.

Green Bridge Metals Corporation is a Canadian-based exploration company focused on acquiring ‘battery metal’ rich mineral assets and the development of two key projects: the Chrome-Puddy Property in the Thunder Bay Mining Division, Ontario, Canada, and the South Contact Zone, situated along the basal contact of the Duluth Intrusion, north of Duluth, Minnesota. In the heart of its operations, Green Bridge is committed to exploring critical metals necessary for a sustainable and greener future.

What Are Green Metals?

Green metals refer to a select group of metals crucial for their role in renewable energy technologies and sustainability efforts, aimed at achieving net-zero emissions. These metals, which include copper, nickel, and titanium, are key to the development of clean energy applications such as electric vehicles, solar panels, and wind turbines. Green Bridge Properties specializes in harnessing the potential of these essential green metals. Our properties are rich in copper, nickel, and titanium, placing us at the heart of the green energy revolution.


Copper demand is rising for its crucial roles in construction, infrastructure, electronics, transportation, and manufacturing. Wind, solar, hydropower, and electric vehicles heavily depend on copper for energy transmission and storage.

Copper Market by 2030
0 Billion


Rising interest in lightweight and electric vehicles boosts nickel demand, as it's a key component in lithium-ion batteries for electric cars.

Nickel Market by 2031
0 Billion


Demand for titanium is surging due to growing needs in aerospace, defense and medical sectors for critical applications.

Global Titanium Market by 2032
0 Billion